Hanover Reckless Driving Lawyer

In Virginia, there are numerous different measures that can lead to reckless driving. However, the ambiguity of the law gives lawyers for the reckless drivers in Hanover room to argue in court that certain actions do not actually constitute “reckless driving.” In fact, actions that law enforcement considers dangerous, such as speeding, are sometimes considered so dangerous that, if caught and charged, they could be considered reckless driving. The Virginia attorney for a reckless driver can review the facts surrounding the case and decide whether you are entitled to a reduced or dismissed charge, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Excessive speed is one of the most common reasons a driver can be held responsible for reckless driving. Speeds of more than 80 miles per hour are considered excessive speeds. However, speedometers can be notoriously unreliable in determining actual speeds. Driving too fast on the road and at speeds of 80 km / h or more could also be classified as “reckless driving,” according to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Many motorists are surprised to learn that reckless driving is not limited to public roads. Speeding and driving in a manner that is dangerous to others also fall into the broad category of “reckless driving.” Anyone who is charged with speeding or reckless driving and believes he is not driving as fast as he was accused of will be checked by the Hanover Public Prosecutor’s Office to see if the device works reliably.

Improper overtaking is a common form of reckless driving. This may include improper overtaking of school buses and emergency vehicles, overtaking of a school bus or emergency vehicle, single-lane driving with two vehicles travelling side by side or overtaking another vehicle on a ridge or step. If you do not prevent others from safely overtaking you, if you do not divide the carriageway correctly, for example, if you drive two or more vehicles in the same lane, if you brake incorrectly, if you do not respect the right of way or, in some cases, if you do not respect the right of way, “reckless driving” can also result. Improper control of your vehicle and the absence of a signal are other situations that could potentially lead to “reckless driving.” Races on private property, such as on a private road, are considered reckless driving if the property owner allows the race.

If you are accused of “reckless driving,” for whatever reason, a reckless driving instructor in Hanover can be your legal counsel and tell you about your side in court. Hanover – Driving lawyers can help you with any circumstances that involve a charge of “reckless driving,” as long as they are reasonable. There are a number of relevant issues that they intend to examine and bring to the attention of the court when considering the charges. Hanover – Ruthless drivers can ask a court to consider the specific situation that led to an indictment and point out important facts that can highlight their behavior as safe driving in the circumstances.