Solicitation of minor in Louden Virginia

Solicitation of minor is the shameful act. In this crime, the offender talks to the minor about the sexual act during the conversation. Solicitation is direct face to face or online. In Online type the offender gets in touch with minor through social media or via email. He sends the victim conversations and emails related to sexual act. The solicitation involves the exposure of the genital organs to the minor, propose fondle or touch his owns genital or private parts as well as feeling the minor’s private parts. To convince the minor to involve in sexual, anal, cunnilingus fellatio or any other prohibited sexual act. To entice and allure the minor to meet in room, home, office or another place to perform this shameful act.

Solicitation of minor in Louden Virginia

Laws of Virginia strictly prohibits the solicitation of the minor. According to Louden Virginia laws it is shameful act and no compromise in penalty present to offender if he convicts this offence. Online solicitation is a felony according to Virginia’s law. The penalty depends on the age difference as well as the severity of the crime. If the offender is seven years older from the victim (the age of the victim under 15 years) then the offender will be charged with the sentence of 5 to 30 years.

If the age of minor is between 15 to 18 years then the offender will be charged with the sentence between 1 to 10 years. The fine in both cases is up to $2500. The defender will be registered as sex offender for specific period of time. this may affect his job, public relations as well as repute in the society.

Contact a lawyer to defend your child

If your child gets victimized of this shameful crime it is important to provide him justice. The crime severely effects the mental health of the child. He also faces inferiority complex and unable to cope up with different situations of the life. to bring out the child from this state it is important to provide the punishment to the offender. In Louden Virginia SRIS group of law is an active law agency that is working and dealing such cases for many years.

Contact our attorney and discuss every aspect of the case. bring your child with you so that we can discuss about the conversations and other incidence with him. In this way we collect evidence and statements to make case strong. If the rape case is present along with solicitation the legal advisor also take evidence from semen, DNA and pubic hair to make case stronger.

Confidently handover your case to legal advisors at SRIS group of law and be carefree. Come to our office during working days, the attorney will meet you and give you proper time. He studies the case thoroughly, will collect evidence and present a strong file to the judge. We assure that your child will come out of trauma state and will lead his real of life with confidence without any depression.