Unlawful Vehicle Modifications Shenandoah Virginia

If you are living in Virginia or planning to move within the state all you need to know is the regulations that affects the vehicle modifications. However if you are charged with this kind of a situation an unlawful vehicle modification, a traffic attorney will helps you in changing the situation. This is a fact that people loves their vehicle when they sound and look nice. If someone want to increase the sound or make modifications to enhance the look of the car, they should consider the legal and illegal status of the modifications first in Shenandoah, Virginia. The laws of modifications vary from state to state, but there are some modifications in Shenandoah, Virginia which are considered to be unlawful modifications.

  1. License Plate: Customized license plates is a very popular modification, in fact many people use to name the license plate with their own name. This procedure seems to be harmless to have a license plate that contains yours or your favorite superhero name on it. In Shenandoah, Virginia the police will pull you over if the frame covers up the number or the name of the state.
  2. Tinted Windows: It is fact that dark windows enhances the look of the car but it is the most common unlawful modification made to cars also. In United State of America every state has different laws regarding tinted windows which also includes location and light transmittance of tinting. In Shenandoah, Virginia dark tinting is considered to be unlawful but a light tint will keep you out of trouble.
  3. Suspension: In Shenandoah, Virginia the laws for the height of the bumper are based on Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).
  • 4,501 GVWR: Front bumper height should be 28 inches.
  • 7,500 GVWR: Front bumper height should be 29 inches and rear should be 30 inches.
  • 15,000 GVWR Front bumper height should be 30 inches, and rear should be 31 inches.
  • The height of the vehicle should be 13 feet 6 inches while the lift blocks on front are not allowed.
  1. Headlamps: To enhance the look of the car most of the drivers gets a HID headlamps kit to modify the headlamps of their car. This modification is very popular, but it is also important to know that this is an unlawful modification in all the 50 states of United States of America. So getting a HID look can end up with a heavy fine.
  2. Lighting: You can get pulled over if you don’t have two clear fog lamps and rear lamp should be red.
  • Four light are allowed to be lit at one time.
  • Blue and red lamps are not permitted.
  • Rotating and flashing lights are not allowed.
  • Lights of different colors are not allowed.
  • The lamps should have SAE or DOT stamp.
  1. Sound System: The sound system of the vehicle cannot be so loud that it disturbs the other people on the road who are 75 feet away from the vehicle. The volume should not cover the sound of emergency vehicles.