Virginia Federal Money Laundering Lawyer

Money laundering issues may be very complex – with a sum of large amount of accounting, banking and other relevant financial evidence. And above all, if you are under investigation for money laundering, there is likely to be a basic or associated fee. Our federal money laundering attorneys in Virginia can help us protect your legal rights and interests.

Why Rent a Virginia federal money laundering lawyer?

When it comes to federal fees, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, these types of charges are called off in the federal court system (not in state courts); secondly, the persons who are lawyers are generally highly experienced attorney working with evidence collected through well-funded federal agencies. Moreover, these federal lawyers are likely to have tried many similar cases in the past.
In the view of these kinds of facts, it becomes clear why the person accused of laundering should seek the Virginia federal money laundering lawyer with experience. It is important to work with someone who understands how to defend clients against the federal charges, who understands the case in the federal court where your case is heard. Contact one of the federal money laundering attorneys in Virginia today to explain your case so that we have the opportunity to begin taking the first important steps involved in the defense process.

Federal money laundering fees Money-laundering is a kind of white-collar crime – unpaid for money. Specifically, money laundering is a disguised act of “dirty money” and the use of legal financial channels to turn it into “clean money”. Dirty funds include money received as a result of illegal activity; on the contrary, clean money is obtained through a legal project. If the federal authorities feel that some of the money came from illegal acts, they may try to tax or seize the money. For this reason – and to avoid prosecution in general – people have in the past tried to launder money to hide an illegal source. These kinds of sources can range from drug deals to terrorist activities.

Penalties of money laundering:

However, it is important to remember that many people have been accused of money laundering wrong in the past. It has sometimes been shown that the funds in question have been properly obtained, and sometimes some alleged money laundering has been the result of a minor error. In the era of computerized electronic and financial transfers, there is a lot of room for error. It is important to work with a federal criminal attorney who understands where these mistakes can be made and, conversely, how to create doubt reasonable.

Sanctions on federal money laundering fees and penalties Federal money-laundering convictions under 18 United States laws of 1956 govern severe penalties. For example, under the Statute, the Federal Court may sentence a person convicted of or assisted with the offense of money-laundering to: Fines up to twice as large as money laundering or $ 500,000 Up to 20 years in federal prison both fine and sentenced to imprisonment.